New Message Board

Created By venkellie
Dec 01 2018 5:32.25PM
Updated Dec 02 2018 6:31.14PM

So some of you have noticed the Msg Board in the top menu and probably wondering what kind of mess is ven making? Well its a new kind of forum that i made from scratch.
No premade crap that is usually full of exploits.
So whats working?
Making topics and reading topics. All i really gotta finish is adding replies and editing topics and replies and maybe create more categories.

So why make this? Well some friends been asking for one and i think posting notices here would be better then spamming the group.

You do have to be registered and logged into the rtc site system to create and edit topics and replies but anyone will be able to read.
Im not going to do stickies or locked topics since i always found those unfair and seems kinda dictatorship ish to me. I always been a stronge believer of free speech.

Anyways here it is for you all. Everything should be finalized by the holidays since i am busy with that, the SLRR, Bedstraw and other projects.

BTW you can access the forums/mb from any RTC powered website including the upcoming bedstraw website which im going to start now.

Woot edit now works woot woot

Created By venkellie
Dec 02 2018 6:42.02PM

ok so the Message Board is all done :D wow i got that done fast.. Time for the next project.

Created By venkellie
Dec 02 2018 12:38.18PM
Updated Dec 02 2018 10:09.49PM

creating and deleting replies are now working. Onto the ability to edit then it be done :D

woot edit replies now work too. so MB all doneo :D