RTC 2019 Survey

Created By venkellie
Jan 01 2019 10:45.10AM
So alot of you know i ran a little survey to get some input from you all of what to do for 2019. Only 12 of you did the survey which is plenty of enough to know what to do So here are the results. #### CB Radios - Make private channels or leave as public 41.7% said Leave public, another 41.7% said they dont care, only 16.7% said make private channels. So i decided to leave the channels as public and not to compete with GridNet but maybe make a way to integrate with some GridNet channels. #### GridPay - Make a stock exchange system? Well 50% of you dont care, 16.7% said no and 33.33, repeating of course(leeroy jenkins joke), percentage said yes so ill get to that real soon. In the meantime feel free to use the in world ATM's to get a P$ loan ;) #### RTCSL websites - themes 50% said make a option for both light and dark so i did with dark being the default. 16.7%(weird, its like 1 person went opposite of everyone else) said dont care, ZERO said make it bright and 33.3(ok no more wow jokes) said keep it dark. So with all that data i now have alot of work to do :) ty so much for doing the survey and helping to make RTC awesome in SL. Heres to a great 2019.